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Deposits for premium clients

Taking care of its customers, Raiffeisen Bank offers a deposit program in accordance with the needs of each of them.

to 13,50% annually

Time Deposit Classic in UAH

Time Deposit Classic - the highest interest rate among existing deposits; without prolongation; without replenishment; without the possibility of early repayment; payment of interest at the end of the term, open and increased rate in Raiffeisen Online

  • Minimum deposit amount: 2000 UAH
  • Term of deposit: from 93 to 367 days
  • Interest payment: at the end of the term
  • Maximum deposits sum: not limited
to 2.00% USD/ 0.25% EUR annually

Time Deposit Classic in USD/EUR

Time Deposit Classic - open a deposit and exchange currency online!

Now you can buy US Dollars and Euros in Raiffeisen Online at the best rate with a mandatory 93 days deposit placementAccording to NBU Resolution No.18, the bank is allowed to sell non-cash foreign currency to clients in the equivalent up to 100,000 hryvnias per calendar month with mandatory condition to place purchased currency into 93 days deposit without the early termination.

  • Term of deposit: 93 days, 184 days, 367 days
  • Minimum deposit amount: 500 USD/EUR
  • Interest payment: at the end of the term
  • Maximum deposits sum: not limited
to 7,50% UAH annually

Term Deposit «Savings» in UAH

Term Deposit «Savings» – with prolongation, with the right of replenishment and monthly interest payment on current account or interest capitalization, partial withdrawal during the grace period, available in Raiffeisen Online

  • Minimum deposit amount: 500 UAH
  • Term of deposit: 93 days, 184 days, 367 days
  • Interest payment: monthly payment or capitalization
  • Maximum deposits sum: not limited
to 4,00% annually

Deposit on-demand "Universal+"

Deposit “Universal+” – termless deposit with the right of replenishment and partial withdrawal and monthly interest capitalization, available in Raiffeisen Online

  • Minimum deposit amount: 100 UAH
  • Term of deposit: indefinite
  • Interest payment: capitalization on the account
  • Maximum deposits sum: not limited

Rent of individual safes

If you want to keep money, jewelry, documents or family relics in a safe place and to be confident in their integrity and privacy, Raiffeisen Bank  offers a personal safe deposit box rental service.

The lease of the individual vault expires?

Stay at home – we cancelled the penalty!

You don’t need to go to the branch during the quarantine, we care about you. Raiffeisen Bank cancels the payment of the penalty after the expiry of the lease of the individual vault.

You should only pay for the lease pursuant to the terms and conditions of your agreement, which you can do after the quarantine.Please, do not leave your house without the reasonable reason and take all preventive measures.

Stay healthy!

  • The term of the rent: convenient term of rent - from 1 to 732 days
  • System sneakily discounts: there is a flexible system of discounts
  • Choose the size: the ability to choose the optimal size of safes

Do you want to choose the most suitable deposit? In this case compare them, see all the advantages and disadvantages and choose what you want

The advantages of deposits in the Raiffeisen

A highly reliable Bank According to the ratings of Raiffeisen Bank is the most reliable Bank in Ukraine
Guarantee deposits Raiffeisen Bank — participant of Fund of guaranteeing deposits of natural persons since 1999. The Fund reimburses clients of troubled banks up to 200 thousand UAH on deposits including interest
Open online Open and transactions on account 24/7

Your deposits’ reliability is additionally secured by Raiffeisen Bank’s membership in the PI Deposit Guarantee Fund.

How to open a deposit?

In branch

Open deposit in a branch

You can also open a deposit in the branch

  • Certificate of assignment of identification number (registration number of the taxpayer's account card) or the corresponding mark of the State Tax Service in the passport
  • Passport or other identity document

Special conditions for premium clients

Useful information

The service of opening and managing of deposit accounts of private individuals is provided by Raiffeisen Bank JSC (hereinafter – Bank) according to the terms and conditions of the Bank service agreement (hereinafter – Agreement). 

The Bank service agreement is the accession agreement (Article 634 of the Civil Code of Ukraine) and consists of the public offer, application for the acceptance of the public offer/agreement, Bank service Rules for PI Clients at Raiffeisen Bank JSC, Bank’s tariffs and application for placement of the deposit. 

When placing the deposit funds at the Bank, no sanctions in case of untimely application to the Bank regarding repayment of the deposit are applied. Thus, term deposits shall be repaid to the customer automatically on the date of the deposit expiration by transferring funds to the customer’s current account. Also, the deposits, which provide for early repayment of funds, may be early repaid to the customer on the basis of the customer’s application.

The Bank may not demand from the customer purchase of any goods or services of the Bank or its related person as the mandatory condition for provision of the service of banking deposit placement (except for provision of the banking services package).

The Bank shall not have a right to unilaterally introduce changes into the application for placement of the deposit concluded with the customer, unless otherwise provided by the Agreement or the law. The customer may refuse receiving of promotional materials by the remote communication channels.